A typical day at our After School Program looks like..

3:30pm: Pick up at Proof Lab, Mill Valley. 

3:50pm: Depart Proof Lab - During the car ride we usually start with a round of sharing talking about our Hi and Low moments of our day followed by some trivia games. 

4:10pm: Arrive at the beach- Assessing the ocean conditions with students before entering the water, we get them to identify a list of Ocean / Weather conditions & any potential risks or dangers that may be present, i.e. rip currents, large sets of waves, wind direction, and tide. Next we prepare for our body's for the surf session with some light stretching, and calisthenics. 

4:20pm: Surf Focus Groups- Pairing no more than 3 kids per instructor we hit the waves. Whether it is your first time surfing, or you want to master your barrel riding, we are here to help! Our trained and skilled instructors provide excellent ocean safety and Surfing guidance.

5:15pm: Free Surf- The most important time for kids to unwind and if just for a few moments just forget about the school day & any social / home dynamics that may be pressing. It's a time to free surf, boogie board, splash water, build sand castles, play beach soccer, catch sand crabs, chase seagulls, and just be a happy kid at the beach!  

5:30pm: Pack up- Everyone helps to pack boards / wetsuits off the beach, and pick up a few pieces of trash on the way out! 

6:00pm: Round of Sharing- Sitting in a circle everyone gets a chance to speak their name, 2 things they are grateful for, and 2 things they are awesome at. After our head instructor will share with the group a relevant quote or nugget of wisdom that ties into surfing, our actions, feelings and everyday life. For example, a quote is read aloud. "The Time is always right to do what is right."- Marin Luther King.  students then have a chance to share what they feel it means to them and why it's relevant. 

6:10pm: Cookie Trivia ! - A varying array of questions on Nutrition, the Human body, Geography, Ocean creatures, Surfing, Science, Music, Movies and more! 

6:30pm: Drop off at Proof Lab



“I cant say enough good things about the program that Robin and the team at Robin Hood Adventures run. This is an excellent activity for parents to connect their children to increase self esteem, develop new skills, and address any developmental challenges they may be experiencing. Being a mental health provider for inpatient and outpatient facilities, I refer to Robin's services often as an adjunct to regular therapy. Robin and his team are skilled in the activities that they offer and are attuned to the needs of the kids and families that they work with. This is a service that is meeting a long sought after need in the community.” 

-Bradford Smallwood, MFT

The perfect mix of gentle waves, a structured program, professional directorship and fun, young staff. My son Kaleb was a first-timer and left the camp begging for a rerun! Robin knows surfing, knows kids, and is a wonderful inspiration for our youth! 

-Leon Gillet 

Such an organized, safe, fun and awesome program for my 6-year-old and 7-year-old! Both of my children suffer from ADHD, the time they spend in the ocean surfing with Robin after school has become an essential tool for our family to have quiet time in the evenings! Not only did they learn how to skateboard and surf, but they also learned so much about ocean safety and marine life. Highly recommend it to anyone!

-Faye Thompson 

Cancelation Policy: 

-All Sales are final. 

-Only store Credits issued in request of refund. 

-Session Cancelation must me made within 24hrs of Session time in order to retain store credit. 

-Session Credit is valid for 1 year.