The RobinHood Adventures FOUNDATION is..

A 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization with the honor of being in service to our community, and our Planet. By consistently re-connecting people with nature through the practice of Surfing we are reminded of our true selves thus raising the vibration of our community.

Our Mission: 

To assist the underprivileged, physically disabled, homeless, veteran's, as well as teens in drug & addiction recovery through the healing powers of surfing & the ocean. 

Where Do The Donations Come From?

Funding for the RHA Foundation comes from individual donations and a percentage of net profits from RobinHood Adventures.


Open Heart Lunches

It all started when I saw a friends post on Facebook. Every year for his birthday he walks around Skid Row, Los Angeles and passes out homemade sandwiches to homeless. A light bulb went off and I thought how great would it be to get our kids from the After-School program to do the same, and so it is! Once a month we load the van with kids, post up in the Tenderloin and make 60-80 Turkey & Pb&j Sandwiches on the sidewalk. After we stop for doughnuts, reflect on the day, the people we met along the way and how to have more compassion for one another. It has quickly become the kids favorite way to give back and is a guaranteed heart and eye opener for both parties.

Team Claudio

Claudio Morales is a quadriplegic adaptive surfing athlete from Chile. Together we have competed for the US Adaptive Team coming up short in 2nd place and later competing at the World ISA Adaptive Surfing Championships on Team Chile. Placing 3rd overall out of 26 countries! Funding will help Claudio further achieve his surfing dreams by helping cover the teams travel & equipment expenses during competition. We are looking forward to the 2019 World ISA Adaptive Championships, fingers crossed will be held in Japan later this year.

Teens Recovery JPEG.jpg

Ocean Warriors

Giving back to our Veterans one wave at a time.

Veterans Surf Day Flyer Final jpeg.jpg